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Phi from Virtue’s Last Reward, hoping for a sequel from that game…


Phi from Virtue’s Last Reward, hoping for a sequel from that game…


This whole summer I’ve been reminding myself to get into Mass Effect, and just today I decide to watch a walkthrough of the first game (after most of the summer is over, go figure).

Ohhhhh my god it’s so cool! At first I was like “lol let’s see how much of a dating sim this is” but now I’m so immersed in how cool their universe is. I want to know more about the different alien races and their customs and governments, the different places you can travel to, the technology…everything is so interesting! I absolutely love the dialogue and the voices too. And the scenery on the Citadel, I want to live there!

I’m still watching episodes of the walkthrough, so I’m probably gonna end up talking about it every now and then these next few days. Or weeks. Or months.

I just feel really stupid for not getting into this sooner. A few years ago I was thinking about how this game would be right up my alley, and it definitely was. I shouldn’t have known next to nothing about it for this long.




I didn’t say anything about my 300 milestone because I was afraid it would look like I was flaunting my follower count or whatever, but that was silly of me to think that. Because this means a lot not only for me, but also for the fandom.

It means that there’s at least 400 people out there on tumblr who still like Bionicle, or at least remember it. 400 people! That number may not look like anything compared to other fandoms, but for a Bionicle-centric blog, it’s a lot.

It’s amazing because look at how far we’ve come compared to last year or the year before that. In the tag people are drawing, discussing things, etc. way more frequently, and it makes me so happy to see that so many of us are active. And even though we have our arguments and whatnot, that just means that we’re becoming more of an actual fandom rather than just a little niche. Our influence has been spreading, and more and more people are rediscovering/finding out about Bionicle.

I hope that we will continue to gain new fans!

/gets off stage

First off: congrats!

Second: it’s kind of crazy how much the Bionicle fandom on Tumblr has grown over the years! When I first got here (almost exactly three years ago) it was pretty barren - artricahearts, that-1-cactus, and kazi-is-doing-the-thing were around, as well as one or two others I’m forgetting, but I was able to look in the tag and scroll to the end of it.

Now we have this wonderful crazy little niche, and it’s only gotten livelier over the years.  We have our differences, but there’s some really great people here, who do some really fantastic work.

bless you, Bionicle tag.  You’re all crazy (myself included), but bless you all the same.


Macku tries to give Hewkii swimming lessons.


Macku tries to give Hewkii swimming lessons.


Thok on his couch


Toa Lewa! 
More photos on Flickr


Toa Lewa!

More photos on Flickr


Regarding sexuality in the MU, I like Tayanacon’s theory.

"*points at their heartlights* Lemme shoot something at you quick; I have a fan theory on how two MU characters can get it on. You know how Kaita from by three Toa focusing on each other and their…


aw yiss

  1. Most of the time he was just winging it when it came to treespeak; ironically, when he wound up misusing it, his Matoran tended to think they were the ones getting it wrong.  (Matau thought the whole thing was hilarious.)
  2. Although he wouldn’t want to be one, he couldn’t help but find the Turaga’s stories of being Hordika deeply interesting and even a little alluring.
  3. Now that everyone has their Mistika/Phantoka armor, he spends plenty of time on Spherus Magna bugging the other Toa Nuva to go flying with him (or ‘wind-flying’ if he’s asking Kopaka, just because he knows the phrase gets on the other Toa’s nerves).  Few take him up on that offer.
  4. Bonus headcanon: see here
  5. Bonus headcanon 2: he’s been at least a little attracted to both Tahu and Gali at times, but in the end it was Onua he developed feelings for this is what you’ve done to me Tumblr

Am I slow as hell on these? Yes.  Am I ever stopping? HELL NO

  1. While Onua has always been one of the most dedicated Toa, he had one and exactly one crisis of faith when an Onu-Matoran was killed in a freak mining accident and he was powerless to stop it.  When Whenua tried to tell him that there was no reason to blame himself and that he can’t save everyone, he got genuinely furious and all but roared back that if Mata Nui wanted to teach him a lesson, he had no right to hurt his Matoran to do it.
  2. On Spherus Magna, he keeps a few secret tunnels leading out and under New Atero to the outskirts of the city so he can read in peace.
  3. He very rarely dreams, and when he does, he usually jots down what he can remember upon awaking. 
  4. Bonus not-really-headcanon: before we found out the GB in disguise was Velika, I always thought it’d be interesting if it turned out to be Onua - a Great Being who inserted himself as one of the universe’s ‘failsafes’ and slowly grew to realize that this wasn’t just a system to be maintained but a living, breathing world.  (Of course, then said GB started murdering people, which would be a bit OOC.)
Matoro plz? 8D

(sorry these are taking so long, life was being life)

  1. Although Matoro really is dead dead dead from using the Ignika, there are still echoes of his spirit and his memories buried in the mask.  At times, Mata Nui dreams of a cloistered little village in the mountains of Ko-Wahi, and when he wakes he knows the dreams were not his.
  2. In Metru Nui, he and Nuju were only passing acquaintances; Nuju came in to his shop to consider buying a bird once, but ultimately decided against it, and that was about it.
  3. On Mata Nui, he would occasionally get into conversations with Nokama about translating Rahi-speak; she did her best to help him learn Nuju’s language back in the early days, though he caught on pretty quickly that she didn’t actually know it and was just ad-libbing with her Ruru.